The Confusion Around Bird Day

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We love to celebrate holidays, of all kinds, and that is true for our love of birds as well. But, there are several that sound the same. So what are they?

May 4th is when we celebrate all kinds of birds, backyard birds, exotic birds, beloved birds, any kind. We also celebrate the joy of birds.

Bird Day is the oldest recorded bird celebration. Started by Charles Babcock, school superintendent for Oil City, Pennsylvania, on May 4, 1894. By 1910, this day was celebrated across the country. You can just imagine why a school superintendent would start such a celebration. Assisting his students to learn more about the bird world around us sounds like a great idea for a special day.

There is also something called National Bird Day, celebrated on January 5th. The term “national” associated with this day is a misnomer. An act of Congress is the only way a day can accurately use this term, and there doesn’t seem to be such an act. But, the name persists. January 5th was set aside to heighten awareness of the plight of captive birds in the U.S. Animal activists use this day to try to stop the problem of the pet bird industry.

International Migratory Bird Day is held on the second Saturday in May. It is a day to think about conservation and the environment as the migratory birds need our help. They make a many-thousand-mile journey from their summer breeding grounds in North America to their winter feeding grounds in Central and South America.

It’s my suggestion that you take each day and celebrate the joy of the birds around us. Take your binoculars and step into your own backyard and see how many birds you can find. But, don’t stop at just these days, celebrate backyard birds all year long.

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