For Hummingbirds

Those delightful hummingbirds that we love to watch need to have a food source to attract and keep them in our backyards. A special feeder that attracts them and the right kind of food is so vital. Male hummingbirds are territorial, so each spring it’s important to be ready for their arrival. They will return to a great territory that has a good food supply. These tiny birds use a huge amount of the food they consume for their flying. Naturally, they eat flower nectar. So our feeders need to be kept filled with the special food that imitates nectar. Here are our favorites among the many feeders, food and extras, from our favorite online shopping source, Amazon. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more feeders and food for hummingbirds.



30-oz. Classic Multi-Pack Antique Bottle
3 Pack 9 Ounces 8-Ounce Feeder Instant Nectar
Feeder Tubes Hummzinger Ultra Ant Repel
Window Mount Faceted Glass Cleaning Kit
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