Antique Style Pedestal Bird Baths

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Antique-Pedestal-Bird-BathBird baths are an important feature to entice backyard birds to your own yard. These charming antique-style ones sit on a pedestal so they just need to be set into your yard. Plus, they add a lovely, yet simple look to your yard. It’s the joy of caring for those backyard birds while enhance your home’s appeal.

Decorative Pedestal Bird Baths

These are some of my favorite bird baths in an antique look. Each has a simple look to it, while also having the scroll effect that gives it that antique look. As pedestals, all you have to do is place them on a flat surface in your yard. The weight of the base keeps them in place even during winds. My own yard sits on top of a hill so we get some pretty good winds and my bird bath has not yet tipped over. That’s one of those great recommendations.


The Value of a Bird Bath

Like every other animal, birds need water. When you provide both food and water for the birds, you are giving them great incentive to stay in your yard. Besides the vital life necessary water, birds also enjoy a little bath. It’s one of those entertaining things to watch them duck their heads under the water then flip it over their backs. Following that, you will see them use the water drops to clean their feathers. This is really a charming thing to watch. Educational for the children, but also delightful fun for everyone.

Placing Your Pedestal Bird Bath

A flat surface in your yard is necessary to place your pedestal bird bath. But, the bases of these baths are not too large that certainly nearly every yard can find a flat enough surface. But, there are other things to help encourage birds to visit your bath.

A bird wants to feel safe while using your bird bath, so you don’t want to put it up close to a tree where they can’t feel sure that nothing will drop out to the tree and grab them. Although, in the high heat of the summer, I like to place my bird bath where it will get some shade. We know how intense the sun can be at high noon and into the afternoon.

During the cooler times of Spring and Autumn, I move my pedestal bird bath to a place where the sun will warm up the water a bit and provide the birds with a little more sun warmth. I do move my bird around. First to provide better for the birds that will use it, but also so that the grass underneath it will get a chance to revive.

If you keep your bird bath away from areas where leaves or other debris will fall into it, you will save yourself some extra cleaning. But, bird bath cleaning is still important. So don’t neglect that chance to help out your feather friends in the back yard.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I do love the smaller pedestal bird baths! They look so pretty nestled in among my flowers and bushes.

  2. Mandee says:

    We have a pedestal birdbath as well and love it! I like to sit on the porch with coffee and watch the birds frolic in the water. It is very entertaining!

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