The House Wren

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Considered one of the most common birds in all of the Americas, the House Wren is a song bird, small in size, but encompassing numerous subspecies. These subspecies are usually designated because of their locations. Like the Northern House Wren is typically found in North America, while the Southern House Wren is found in South America.

Each subspecies has marked differences in both the feathering colors and effects, and the song they sing. For all subspecies, the song is a mating call performed by the male to attract a mate. You only hear their charming songs during mating season and not at other times.

Even with the strong variation between the subspecies, House Wrens all have a faint eye-ring and an eyebrow. They all have a blackish barring to their wings and tails. Their tails are held at a cocked angle.

These are small birds. The adult House Wren measures between 4 and 5 inches long and usually weigh less than half and ounce. But, they are insect-eaters and forage heavily on insects like spiders and snails, so they are beneficial to humans.

The nest-building situation is most humorous to watch. The male builds the outer nest with sticks and dry material. Then the female examines it. If she is unhappy with some of the sticks, you will be able to see her pull the offending items from the nest and drop them to the ground. When’s satisfied, she lines the nest with softer material, which can include moss and even soft trash items.

These are migrating birds, so you will see flocks of them moving to the South during September and October, and see them return in April and May. They are charming feathered companions in our backyards and worth watching.

(creative commons license – photographer: Calibras)

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