The American Robin

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Probably the most common backyard bird you will see is the American Robin. Also called the Red-Breasted Robin, they are the traditional signal of Spring’s arrival. That’s because they are migratory birds.

Robins don’t travel as far as some migratory birds, but they do move to warmer climates in the winter. Then leave the hot climates to find cooler climate in the summer. Robins are found through out North America and only travel as far as Mexico for migration.

Breeding grounds for the Robins goes as far north as Alaska. They will be active during the day, then flock together in trees for the night. They are the first birds to lay baby-blue-colored eggs in the Spring and can have 2-3 broods of chicks during their breeding season. The female is the solo nest maker and she makes a new nest for every brood. She has no problem locating her nest quite close to human homes, even tucking one between the house and the porch light.

A robin will be the first song bird you hear in the morning. Their song is made up of many musical chirps and tweets. Often you can hear them long before the sun rises. Their songs usually continue until evening and they may be the last bird you hear at night. These are charmingly vocal birds. I can’t help but think that they sing simply because they can.

These are perching birds of the thrush family. Because they migrate, Robins are protected in the U.S. by the Migratory Bird Act. This means they cannot be killed, harmed or captured. Which is wonderful. We enjoy seeing their feeding antics and hearing their musical songs throughout the summer. Without them, we wouldn’t have our charming Heralder-of-Spring.



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