Window Bird Feeders: Fun Viewing

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Window Bird FeederWatching your backyard birds feed right from you window is a pleasure. But, it’s more than that. With these window bird feeders, all you do is apply to the outside of the window with the suction cups included. Then enjoy fun bird activity from the inside.

Choosing the Best Window Bird Feeders for Your Home

Bird feeders that attach to your window come in many different styles and types. The choices could drive you nuts. (OK, squirrel pun intended.) But you can narrow it down easily by answering a few questions. Where is the window you want to put your feeder? Will it be protected from rain or snow? Do you want to have a decorative window bird feeder to go with your home decor? How much capacity do you need?

These things will help you narrow down the options that you have to chose from. For example, if the window you want to put the feeder on is exposed to rain or snow, consider a covered one. If you can’t easily refill the feeder, or you have lots of backyard birds to feed, you may want to choose a larger capacity. Make these decisions first to make choosing easier.

Window Bird Feeders Make Fun Gifts

My first window bird feeder came as a gift. I was delighted, but the feeder was very small. It didn’t take me long to get my second one. Now, a window bird feeder along with a bag of appropriate bird seed is a gift I give every year.

They make great gifts for families with young children. The kids can sit safely inside and watch the birds as they come and go at the feeder. It’s a wonderful way for children to get to see backyard birds up close.

Care of Your Window Bird Feeder

Remember, window feeders are just the same as regular bird feeders. They need to be emptied of seed shells and cleaned regularly. So make sure you position yours so you can reach it easily.

The included suction cups make them easy to put up and take down. Follow the instructions and advice on how to put them up so they stay. That usually means making sure the window is clean before you apply the suction cups. Take the little extra care and your window bird feeder will give you hours of pleasure as you watch the songbirds up close and personal.

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  1. Mandee says:

    I think a window bird feeder is the only kind of bird feeder my mom doesn’t have. Guess I need to add that to her gift list!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I love watching birds! I especially love this type of feeder that brings them up close for me to see well. Of course, I do find it interesting to note that they are sometimes watching me too.

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