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Bird-Watching-Field-GuideA bird watching field guide is an important part of your equipment. Easily being able to recognize what birds you see will help every bird watcher. Whether you are enjoying your backyard birds or hiking through hills and valleys, you will see a wealth of our feathered friends. So make sure to have a good field guide handy. You may very well surprise yourself with seeing a rare or unusual bird.

Best Bird Watching Field Guides

The best field guides for bird watching are those that you can easily carry with you, or have handy next to your binoculars or other viewing equipment. Many are small or pocket size. But their size is not as important as how easy the information is arranged to help you find birds fast.

Backyard Bird Guide

This book is one of those that I have used over and over again for my own backyard bird watching. Of course, National Geographic has a reputation for outstanding photographs, but there’s more to this book.

In the front is a photographic index of all the bird species featured. It’s easy to find the particular bird that I see from my window. Then I can look up more details about that bird. There is plenty just for backyard birders, too. The interesting tidbits about different birds alone would be worth it.

What Makes a Good Bird Watching Field Guide

There are things that make a good field guide in my opinion. The things that I want in a book include an easy way to identify the features that you will see. Where you will commonly see certain birds, how to identify in both flight and perching, and a good glossary are just some of the things that make a good bird watching field guide.

Of course, good and accurate photos are important. Some times the differences between different species are tiny. I want to be able to make the identification accurately. For those of us keeping track of the birds that we see, accuracy is important.

So whether you are enjoying the birds in your backyard, hiking through the woods, or participating in a tour, you’ll want a good bird watching field guide. It will make a difference in both how easy your own identifications are and how enjoyable your time will be.

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  1. Bird watching can be a lot of fun. My brother & SIL have a newly landscaped back yard with a pretty patio and two Adirondack patio chairs. The trees in the yard all have bird feeders in them and they love to sit outside with their bird books and identify the various species of birds. Since they live in the South, this is a year-round enjoyment for them.

  2. Barbara says:

    This would make a nice gift for my friend and her hubby; they are huge bird watching fans! They know so much about birds!

  3. Cynthia says:

    These look like great bird watching guide books! We used to have one that set out on our table in front of the window to the backyard and we would look up the birds we were seeing in our backyard. I need a small reference guide that I can take on hikes with me.

  4. Barb says:

    I’ve wanted a good guide ever since I moved here to a rural location with lots of not only birds but wildlife too. Thanks for the tips. I’ll check these out.

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