Care of Hummingbird Feeders

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hummingbird feedersMany of us just love those charming hummingbirds that will inhabit our backyards. And we have hummingbird feeders set out. We love to watch and encourage them to stay so we can see them.

Therefore providing food, referred to as nectar, is valuable to us and to them. If you don’t have enough flowers that they like, you can add a hummingbird feeder to your yard. But you need to properly care for it.

Using Two Hummingbird Feeders

We recommend that you get two feeders, actually.  You will need to clean them pretty regularly. The nectar inside is highly sweet and will tend to grow mold spores if left untouched for more than 3 or 4 days. We use one for outside for our hummingbirds and one inside for cleaning and drying.

How to Clean Hummingbird Feeders

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for taking apart the feeder. Then wash all parts in hot soapy water. Use a good bottle brush to scrub all parts well. Then rinse very well making sure to get all the soap rinsed out. Finally, allow the hummingbird feeder to air dry before reassembling and filling with nectar.

Bleach is not necessary and takes much more effort to make sure you have removed all the traces of bleach in the bird feeder. So don’t bother. In fact, you don’t need to bother with specialty soaps or cleaners. Remember, the nectar is just a sweet mixture. It washes the same way as any food humans consume. So your regular dishwashing soap works just great!

The bottle brush is the important thing in cleaning hummingbird feeders. You need to get into those little parts. Soaking can work, but not as well as a specialty brush set.

Hummingbirds in Our Backyard

Hummingbirds are so tiny that even the littlest bit of mold or soap can cause problems in their digestive tracts. So be kind to your wonderful backyard friends. Keep their feeders clean and fresh. You will be rewarded with a charming hummingbird family right in your own backyard.

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5 Reader Comments

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I am sitting on the patio as I type, watching hummingbirds feed at one of our two feeders. They are glorious to watch! Yup, your advice is spot on — that’s why we have 4 feeders total. 2 can be feed while 2 are being cleaned!

    • buckhawk says:

      Mandee – from our backyard to yours – thanks for caring for the tiniest of our bird friends so well!

  2. Barb says:

    I never realized they had to be cleaned so often! Thanks for the tip. Don’t want to endanger such beautiful little birds with mold and such.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I think most people never even realize that putting feeders out of any kind are a bit of a responsibility. We sure don’t want to harm the very creatures we are trying to feed.

  4. Susan says:

    Great information! My goal this year was to find hummingbird feeders that had wide enough mouths that they were easy to clean. Score! I have two and the hummingbirds love them almost as much as I do!

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