Bird Feeders

Our charming feathered friends need food. Setting up a feeding station for your backyard birds is a great way to attract them and keep them around. It’s always fascinating to watch the different birds interacting around a feeding station. Locate it so that the birds can be safe from predators and they will flock to it. Remember to clean it periodically and keep it filled with appropriate bird food. There are many varieties of bird feeders to choose from. Some are specific to a type of bird, others work great for nearly all birds. The style and design you choose is entirely up to you. The birds will enjoy a simple feeder just as much as a fancy or whimsical one. Here are some of our choices, from our favorite online shopping source, Amazon. Click on your favorite to see more about it, purchase it, or browse more backyard bird feeders.



Gazebo Style Window Feeder Tall Garden Lantern
Squirrel Buster Cardinal Feeder Copper Triple Tube
Red Barn Cedar Chalet Squirrel Proof
Finch Feeder Mountain Chalet Tube Feeder
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