Our Backyard Birds Have a Friend in Steve Kaye

Written by on July 4, 2012 in Bird Conservation with 2 Comments

Meet Steve Kaye, a fabulous photographer, a talented writer, and best of all, a lover of birds. Steve has written much about birds and bird conservation. Included in his articles are his own photography of the birds in his world. Visit any of his bird articles and you will see why we call him a fabulous photographer.

A favorite page, and one that applies to us with our backyard birds is 7 Ways to Help Birds. In this article, Steve details ways that we can help protect our backyard birds. You can even read how the Western Bluebird was returned to a thriving community in Orange County, California, due to the efforts of one group of people providing and maintaining bird houses for them.

There are three ways in particular that we found so easy and useful in our own backyards.

  1. Feed the birds. It’s a simple way to help. Make it the mission of you and your family to add a new bird feeder to your own backyard. Mark your calendars to clean and refill the feeders at appropriate times for the type of feeder and the birds it’s meant to attract.
  2. Keep away from chemicals in your yard and gardens. Steve shows you ways to have a beautiful lawn without adding the chemicals that can harm birds. Not only is this safer for the birds, but safer for the environment and for you and your family.
  3. Dispose of trash properly. This one is easy for us all. Just take the time to make sure your household garbage is secure from curious birds. Use outdoor trash cans with secure lids and make a goal to keep the lid tightly closed.

Take a few minutes and visit Steve’s articles, especially 7 Ways to Help Birds. Tell him thanks for all he is doing to help us keep our own backyard birds safe and healthy.

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  1. Mandee Sears says:

    I just recently met Steve through one of his articles. He is so nice, knowledgeable and a wonderful photographer! Definitely worth visiting Steve!

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