Backyard Bird Houses

We want to encourage our charming feathered friends to share our backyards, so adding a bird house or two helps. There is a huge variety of types, sizes and prices for bird houses. Some are specific for types of birds, like Martin houses, while others work well for many different types of birds. Just in case you didn’t know, birds aren’t impressed with fancy or whimsical bird houses. You and your friends will be, though. Birds use a house to nest in, which means they want safety. In every house situation it’s location, location, location. Whatever type of bird house you choose, locate it high enough above the ground so that birds will feel safe to nest in it. We’ve chosen some of our favorites, from our favorite online shopping source, Amazon. Just click on your choice to see more about it, purchase it or browse more backyard bird houses.


Thatched Roof Gone Fishing Train Station
Treehouse Wagon Wheel Restaurant Airstream RV
Musical Motif Victorian Cottage Natural Bluebird House
16-Family Martin Barn Anitque Finish Wren House iPhone4 Speck Case Covers
Country Farm Store 12-Family Martin House Classic Cottage
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